𓇼𓄿𓀃𓋴𓅱𓏏𓐍𓁣- DUA SUTEKH


Sutekh, also known as Seth, Set, Setesh, or Setekh, is the Egyptian trickster god of storms, chaos, the desert, and disorder. Sutekh was often represented by an unidentifiable canine-like animal known as the Seth animal. It is likely this unknown creature was representative of Sutekh's chaotic nature.

Sutekh's myths often depict him as a villain of sorts. Though, the chaos Set embodies is a necessary one. Violence and disorder can be a vessel for positive change. Many Egyptians had an ambivalent attitude towards Sutekh, thus his cult was less prominent than other gods in the Ennead (nine most prominent gods in the creation myth). Eventually, he was vilified by Egypt as a whole. Celebrations were held around depictions of Set’s defeat, and some artworks of him were censored/removed retroactively.

Statue of Sutekh and Horus blessing a Pharaoh.

The Murder of Osiris

Born to the Sky Goddess Nut and the Earth God Geb, Set came into the world (rather chaotically, bursting violently from the side of his mother) alongside his brother Osiris, and his sisters Isis and Nephthys. Osiris became the beloved king of Egypt; the embodiment of order and fertility. Set grew jealous of Osiris's power and popularity with the people of Egypt, plotting to overthrow the king. To accomplish this, Set hosted an incredible party and invited all of the Gods. There, he presented a beautiful wooden chest and promised it to anyone that could fit perfectly inside. When Osiris lay down in the chest, Set immediately sealed it shut and threw it into the Nile, where Osiris suffocated and died.

After Osiris's murder, Set dismembered his body into fourteen pieces. Then, he scattered the pieces around Egypt. Each location where a piece of Osiris's body was deposited became a site of worship dedicated to him. Isis, Osiris's wife, was struck with grief at the loss of her husband. Alongside her sister Nephthys, Isis embarked on a quest to find every piece of Osiris. She retrieved every piece except for one; Osiris's phallus, which had been swallowed by a fish. Using magic, Isis created a replacement for the missing piece and reassembled her husband, temporarily restoring him to life. During the brief period when Osiris was alive again, Isis conceived their son, Horus. Osiris then died once more, becoming ruler of Duat (the underworld) presiding over the judgment of the souls of the deceased.

Osiris with Isis and Nephthys

The Contendings of Horus and Set

Upon reaching adulthood, Horus, Osiris's son, believed himself to be the rightful ruler of Egypt.

Ancient Worship

Sutekh was worshipped at the temples of Ombos (Nubt near Naqada) and Ombos (Nubt near Kom Ombo), at Oxyrhynchus in Upper Egypt, and also in part of the Fayyum area.

Some Egyptologists have suggested that Sutekh was the primary god in the Naqada I culture. The cemetary at Naqada was located in Nubt which later became the cult center for Set worship. His title Nbwty means 'One of Nubt.'


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